The Last Sermon

9th Dhu al-Hijjah, 10 AH (632 CE)

"Woe to you! Be careful! You will meet your Lord and He will ask you about your deeds so do not apostate after me by striking the necks of one another. Satan has given up hope of being worshipped by those who pray, but not so in sowing dissension amongst you."

"O people, Satan has despaired of being worshipped in your land till the end of time but he has hope in your doing (wrong) acts that you think insignificant.

Beware of (harming) your religion through such acts because he shall be obeyed in these and shall be pleased. Beware of him (lest he harm) your religion."

"O people, fear God with regards to women and treat them well for they are as captives with you. You took them as a trust from God and you are permitted marital relations with them in accordance to God’s law. You have rights over them and they have rights over you. One of the rights you have over them is that they not allow others besides yourselves to set foot on your furnishings, and that they do not give permission to anyone you dislike entering your homes. They should not disobey you in that which is good. If they do this, you have no right to (chastise them). They are due their food and their clothing in kindness. Admonish those women you fear are rebellious and high-handed, refuse to sleep with them in bed, and if you strike (them), do so without viciousness."

"Listen well to me and live! Do not do wrong! Do not do wrong! Do not do wrong! The (retaliation) of a transgression should not be meted to any save the transgressor.

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